The Perfect Graph Conjecture

October 30 to November 3, 2002

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, Palo Alto, California

organized by

Paul Seymour and Robin Thomas

This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to the recent solution of the Strong Perfect Graph Conjecture and its implications to further research in and applications of perfect graphs.

We are bringing together researchers in mathematics, computer science and operations research with common interest in the interdisciplinary area of perfect graphs. We hope especially to present new techniques, facilitate exchange of ideas, share available techniques and outline a strategy for future reseach.

The main questions to be addressed concern

The workshop will differ from typical conferences in some regards. Participants will be invited to suggest open problems and questions before the workshop begins, and these will be posted on the workshop website. These should be specific problems on which there is hope of making some progress during the workshop, as well as more ambitious problems which may influence the future activity of the field. Lectures at the workshop will be focused on familiarizing the participants with the background material leading up to specific problems, and there will be ample time between talks for discussions and for work to be done.

Participants include Vaclav Chvatal, Maria Chudnovsky, Michele Conforti, Gerard Cornuejols, Matthew DeVos, Celina de Figuereido, Jean Fonlupt, Grigor Gasparyan, Bertrand Guenin, Ryan Hayward, Chinh Hoang, Claudia Linhares, Frederic Maffray, Ara Markosyan, Vahagn Pogosyan, Myriam Preissman, Bruce Reed, Neil Robertson, Lex Schrijver, Andras Sebo, Paul Seymour, Bruce Shepherd, Robin Thomas, Kristina Vuskovic, Giacomo Zambelli.

The deadline for applying to participate in this workshop has passed.

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