RH Day: 150 years of the Riemann Hypothesis

On November 18 2009, the 150th anniversary of the Riemann Hypothesis will be celebrated with lectures all over the world.
A Google map of all the talks (courtesy of Nathan Ryan).

Current totals: 52 talks at 37 locations, in 13 countries, in 6 languages.


North America:
Bucknell University USADavid FarmerThe Riemann Hypothesis
Capilano University
(Sunshine Coast Campus)
CanadaAdrian BelshawThe music of the primes and the million dollar question:
the Riemann Hypothesis at 150
Carleton University CanadaJohn DixonRiemann's insight: where it came from and where it has led
(plus 5 short talks)
Clemson University USANeil Calkin
Hiren Maharaj
A gentle introduction to the Riemann Hypothesis
RH for curves over finite fields
Colorado School of Mines USAPaul Martin
Mark Coffey
John Scales
The historical context of Riemann's work
Remarks on the Riemann Hypothesis
Quantum chaology and the Riemann Hypothesis
Emory University USADavid BorthwickThe Riemann Hypothesis
Institute for Advanced Study USABrian ConreyThe Riemann Hypothesis - 150 years and counting
Kutztown University USAEric LandquistThe Riemann Hypothesis: A million dollar problem turns 150
Nova Southeastern University USAEric SamanskyThe Riemann Hypothesis
Stanford University USAPankaj VisheRapid computation of L-functions for modular forms
Texas A & M USAKimberly HopkinsHigher weight Heegner points and the Riemann Hypothesis
University of California, Berkeley USAChristophe SouléArithmetic surfaces and successive minima
University of California, Santa Barbara USAJeff StoppleThe Riemann Hypothesis and the genus theory of binary quadratic forms
University of Connecticut USAKeith ConradThe Riemann Hypothesis
University of Georgia USARobert Rumely
Dino Lorenzini
What is the Riemann zeta function?
The Riemann Hypothesis for curves
University of Lethbridge CanadaNathan NgA brief history of the Riemann hypothesis
University of Mississippi USAMicah MilinovichThe Riemann Hypothesis
University of Rochester USASteve GonekThe first 150 years of the Riemann Zeta-function, and
The Riemann Zeta-function, prime numbers, and the zeros
Virginia Tech USADjordje MinicThe physics of the Riemann zeros
West Chester University USAScott ParsellThe Riemann Hypothesis at 150
Western Kentucky University USADominic Lanphier
Tilak Bhattacharya
Riemann's memoir, the Riemann Hypothesis, and L-functions
Some modern approaches to the Riemann Hypothesis
Williams College USASteven J. MillerThe Riemann Hypothesis at 150:
From Primes to Nuclei and Many Things Between

South America:
Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA) BrazilJulio Andrade150 Years of Riemann Hypothesis
Universidad de la Republica UruguayNathan RyanLos ceros de la función zeta de Riemann y la teoría de matrices aleatorias

Bristol University and the
Heilbronn Institute
UKDorian GoldfeldMoments of the Riemann zeta and other L-functions
Graz University of Technology AustriaMario LambergerThe Riemann Hypothesis and its relation to cryptography
Ionian University GreeceAntonios PanayotopoulosThe Riemann Hypothesis and informatics
Karlsruhe Institute for Technology GermanyStefan KuehnleinEine Millonen Dollar fuer einen Satz
Loughborough University UKCarl DettmannOpen circular billiards and the Riemann Hypothesis
University of Almeria SpainSami OmarThe Riemann Hypothesis: 150 years - Theory and Computations
University of Aarhus DenmarkAlexei VenkovThe Riemann zeta function in modern mathematics, and
The Riemann zeta function and Mayer transfer operator approach to the Selberg zeta function
University of Siegen GermanyNils-Peter SkoruppaDie Riemannsche Zetafunktion und ihre Nachkommen
Universitá degli Studi di Parma ItalyAlessandro Zaccagnini150 anni dall'Ipotesi di Riemann
University of Zagreb CroatiaBoris SirolaRiemann Hypothesis

Australia/New Zealand:
The University of Auckland New ZealandSteven Galbraith
Kevin Broughan
Shaun Cooper
Cristian Calude
The Riemann hypothesis and analogues for function fields
The holomorphic flow of the Riemann Zeta function
On the construction of modular forms
The complexity of the Riemann Hypothesis

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai IndiaRam MurtyThe Riemann Hypothesis today
Nanyang Technological University SingaporeLiangyi ZhaoRiemann's memoir and the related

Cairo University EgyptAhmad El-GuindyAn historical comparison between the Riemann hypothesis and Fermat's Last Theorem
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