How to Install ACE in Maple

Contributed by Jennifer Morse

Installation Instructions (unix)

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on: How to install?
  3. Click on: By compiling it...under unix
  4. Click on: Download site (under unix)
  5. Go in the directory: ACE30/
  6. Go in the directory: DISTRIB/
  7. Go in the directory: UNIX/
  8. Go in the directory: MapleVR5/ (if you are using any version of Maple 5, 6, etc.)
  9. Click on: ACE5UNIX.tgz
  10. When the document is done, click in the netscape menu on File/SaveAs. Click on OK in the little window.
  11. You should now have the file ACE5UNIX.tgz in your account.
  12. In a unix shell, type:

    gunzip ACE5UNIX.tgz
    tar tvf ACE5UNIX.tar
    tar xvf ACE5UNIX.tar
    cd ACE_PACK
    cd BIN

    (You may need to type ./INSTALL.ACE if the current directory is not in your path.)

  13. Now you must answer several questions. The only tricky one is about what the absolute path of the "march" and "maple" commands are. The way to get them is to type (in another unix shell, of course)

    where march
    where maple

    (If your computer does not have the "where" command, try "locate" instead.)
    Also, you should answer "yes" when ACE asks to create a new .mapleinit file.

  14. Now there is a small glitch - ACE has created files called maple.* in a directory called lib5. However, Maple has files by the same name in some other directory. Change directory (cd) into lib5 and rename maple.* to acemaple.* (using the mv command). Then find the directory containing the Maple files maple.* and move the acemaple.* files into this directory.
  15. After that, ACE should be installed. It might take a little while for the computer to create all the sources (up to an hour, but probably less).
  16. To know if ACE has been properly installed, go into maple. Type:


    If you get m[2,1]+2 m[1,1,1], there is a good chance that everything is fine.


ACE does work even on newer versions of Maple. In Maple 9, typing "with(ACE);" yields an error, however everything works fine (other than AceBanner and help).

If you are also using combinat or linalg, these should be read first, before the command "with(ACE);".