Odd holes and odd walks

Given a graph $G=(V,E)$ and two vertices $a,b$ can the following problem be solved in polynomial time ?

Find a triangle-free odd $(a,b)$-walk in $G$, where a walk can also contain repetitions of edges, and triangle-free means that the vertex-set of the walk does not contain any triangle (but can contain an odd hole).

A polynomial algorithm for this problem would specialize to a polynomial algorithm for finding odd holes (and even pairs in odd-hole-free graphs). Bienstock proved that it is NP-hard to find odd holes containing a given $a\in V$. However, a triangle-free odd $(a,a)$-walk exists in a $2$-connected graph if and only if there exists an odd hole in $G$ (not necessarily containing $a$).

Contributed by András Sebo and Nicolas Trotignon

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