2005 AIM Five-Year Fellowship

The American Institute of Mathematics is pleased to name Joel Kamnitzer as the recipient of the 2005 AIM Five-Year Fellowship.

Joel will be receiving his PhD from University of California, Berkeley in May under the direction of Allen Knutson. His research interests lie in algebraic geometry, representation theory, and combinatorics. His thesis, "Mirkovic-Vilonen cycles and polytopes", gives a combinatorial description of a family of varieties arising in geometric representation theory. While a graduate student, he also wrote two papers in combinatorial representation theory in collaboration with fellow graduate student Andre Henriques.

Joel was an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo from 1997-2001. While there, he wrote papers in theoretical physics and computational number theory arising from summer research projects.

The runners-up for the AIM Fellowship are Spyros Alexakis (Princeton), Beth Samuels (Yale), Lior Silberman (Princeton), and Lauren Williams (MIT).