2004 AIM Five-Year Fellowship

The American Institute of Mathematics is pleased to announce that Jacob Lurie is the recipient of the 2004 AIM Five-Year Fellowship. Jacob is a student of Mike Hopkins at MIT. His research interests include algebraic geometry, homotopy theory, and their interrelationships. His thesis is entitled "Derived Algebraic Geometry". In addition to his thesis, Jacob has six other papers in logic, representation theory, and combinatorial game theory.

Jacob received the Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate in 2000 and won First Place in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search in 1996. He was selected for the AIM Fellowship from a pool of more that 130 applicants and nominees who will be receiving their PhD sometime in the year 2004.

AIM is also pleased to announce that the following individuals have been designated as runners-up for the AIM Fellowship:

Congratulations to all of the applicants and nominees for this fellowship. We wish you the best as you embark on your professional careers!