Dynkin diagram of the E8 root system

E8 in the news

The E8 story received wide coverage in newspapers and on radio and TV, as well as many on-line news sites. Examples include NPR's All Things Considered, ABC's Good Morning America, the Associated Press, and the New York Times. Congressman Jerry McNerney delivered a statement to Congress about the E8 result. Watch it on You Tube.

The preparations for the E8 story were led by Brian Conrey and David Farmer from AIM, Jeff Adams from the University of Maryland, and Shari Boxer Baker from JDS Group PR.

A sampling of news stories

              USA Today               MSNBC              



NBC in Utah                                           AMS

Le Monde                             CNN              

Nature     San Jose Mercury     Science Daily     Times (London)     New Scientist     Der Spiegel     University of Maryland

The E8 story in various languages

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Some expert commentary

John Baez

Mark Chu-Carroll (short posting with extensive followup)

Peter Woit

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