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Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013 (MPE2013) is an initiative of mathematical sciences organizations around the world designed to showcase the ways in which the mathematical sciences can be useful in tackling our world's problems.

This initiative has led to plans for many events to take place in 2013, including more than 10 long term programs at institutes around the world, more than 50 workshops, many invited speakers and special sessions at societal meetings, numerous public lectures, the development of educational materials, art exhibits, and an international prize competition to create innovative modules for display and use and which can be widely disseminated and exhibited. See the module competition page for more details.

AIM is a partner organization of MPE2013 and has been instrumental in the planning phase of this initiative, notably by hosting two planning workshops for the leaders of the partner organizations, in March, 2011, and March, 2012.

In addition, AIM plans three workshops designed around the theme of MPE2013:

Modeling problems related to our environment. January 14-18, 2013  
organized by Ali Nadim (Claremont Graduate University) and Ami Radunskaya (Pomona).  
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This workshop will bring together mathematicians, graduate students, and industry and public agency representatives to work on a variety of questions related to the planet earth. These may include understanding and mitigation of scourges such as desertification or forest fires, solar and wind energy, sustainability of water resources, remote sensing or environmental monitoring of earth processes, epidemics and spread/eradication of diseases among animals, plants, or humans.

Stochastics in geophysical fluid dynamics. February 4-8, 2013
organized by Nathan Glatt-Holtz (Indiana University), Boris Rozovskii (Brown University), Roger Temam (Indiana University), and Joseph Tribbia (Climate and Global Dynamics).
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This workshop will be devoted to the mathematical foundations, physical underpinnings and applications of large scale stochastic models for climate and weather. The goal will be to bring together experts in the mathematical theory of the equations of liquids and gases and of stochastic evolution equations with experts in geosciences who work on numerical simulations of large scale models of the earth's oceanic-atmospheric system.

Exponential random network models June 17-21, 2013
organized by Sourav Chatterjee (New York University), Persi Diaconis (Stanford University), Susan Holmes (Stanford University) and Martina Morris (University of Washington).
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This workshop will analyze the structure of random network models with applications to the spread of disease. One application is to study the effect of sexual activity on HIV infection rates. The models indicate that reasonably simple behavioral changes can make a significant difference in the spread of HIV.

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