Limits and control of stochastic reaction networks

July 26 to July 30, 2021

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Andrea Agazzi and Daniele Cappelletti

Original Announcement

This workshop will be devoted to providing new theoretical insights on stochastic models of interacting chemical species, called stochastic reaction networks. The main goal will be connecting the structure of a reaction network with its long-term dynamics, with particular attention to the problems of convergence, stability and controllability.

The open problems discussed during the workshop will include:

  1. Characterize the existence and the form of stationary distribution of stochastic reaction networks, with applications to the approximation of multiscale dynamics;
  2. Study their convergence behavior (convergence rates, geometric ergodicity, Lyapunov functions)
  3. Explore how to effectively control such convergence and the limiting distribution through small structural modifications of the network.

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