Ehrhart polynomials: inequalities and extremal constructions

May 9 to May 13, 2022

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Matthias Beck, Benjamin Braun, Katharina Jochemko, and Fu Liu

Original Announcement

This workshop will be devoted to Ehrhart polynomials and quasi-polynomials. These objects are invariants of lattice and rational polytopes that are the focus of Ehrhart Theory. Since Ehrhart's original work in the late 1960's, Ehrhart theory has developed into a key topic at the intersection of polyhedral geometry, number theory, commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, enumerative combinatorics, and integer programming. The goal of the proposed workshop is to bring together an international and diverse team of experts and young researchers in order to make substantial breakthroughs on existing open problems and to identify new research directions.

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