Research on inquiry based learning in undergraduate real analysis

December 7 to December 11, 2015

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Paul Dawkins, Ted Mahavier, and Michael Oehrtman

Original Announcement

This workshop will focus on the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics, a subject that has received increased attention in recent years. Multiple growing communities of professionals have re-envisioned how core proof courses such as real analysis might best be taught. The desire to give students responsibility for discovering key course content concepts and the opportunity to engage in authentic mathematical research at their level, generally referred to as inquiry-based learning (IBL), unifies many of these efforts. The accumulated expertise across these communities provides a rich opportunity to initiate coordinated course-specific research projects on inquiry based teaching and learning.

This workshop will convene experts in education research, curriculum development, instruction, faculty development, and assessment in IBL undergraduate real analysis. We will survey the state of multiple perspectives on the field and existing connections across these areas of expertise. We will identify and frame future collaborations to refine research-based interventions and develop a research agenda responsive to existing needs in IBL practice. The primary focus of the workshop will be to refine pertinent, tractable research questions and design consequent high-quality studies to address these questions. We will identify areas in which additional resources are needed to support IBL instruction in undergraduate real analysis and how future efforts can leverage existing research results to respond to these needs. The workshop will develop collaborative teams with diverse expertise to pursue necessary resources and tackle the critical issues identified in the workshop.

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