Open textbooks in MathBook XML

April 25 to April 29, 2016

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Rob Beezer, David Farmer, and Kent Morrison

Original Announcement

This workshop will bring together teams of authors of open source mathematics textbooks, developers of technical tools supporting authoring of these books, and experienced editors providing reviews, advice, and guidance. During the workshop, authors will begin by converting existing book projects from LaTeX to a highly structured format. This new format will then easily convert to print, PDF, HTML, EPUB, and Jupyter Notebooks.

In addition to facilitating source conversions, workshop activities will include learning the use of GitHub as a way to accept contributions and corrections from instructors and readers. Source-level graphics languages will be presented as a way to include graphics in an editable format. Sage Cell instances and live WeBWorK exercises will be presented as interactive mathematical elements of HTML output. Members of the AIM Open Texbook Editorial Board will assist authors with improvements to their texts. At the end of the workshop, authors will be well on their way to providing their textbooks in a way that attracts a broader community of readers and collaborators, is easier to maintain, encourages collaboration and takes advantage of the capabilities of formats beyond print and PDF.

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