Non-local games in quantum information theory

May 17 to May 21, 2021

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Michael Brannan, Vern Paulsen, Ivan Todorov, and Anna Vershynina

Original Announcement

This workshop will focus on the mathematical aspects of quantum information theory, as manifested in the theory of non-local games, and the power and limitations of different mathematical models utilized therein.

The theory of non-local games crosses the boundaries of mathematics, theoretical physics and computer science, and has undergone a vigorous development in the past decade. Non-local game techniques have shown the non-closure of the set of quantum correlations through connections with group and graph theory, and have led to a resolution of the long-standing Tsirelson problem on quantum correlations and the Connes Embedding Problem in operator algebras. They have generated an increasing body of mathematical tools with direct relevance to theoretical physics and contributed to the formation of the fast growing field of non-commutative combinatorics.

The workshop will serve as a venue to discuss and make advances in the latest directions in the field, including the role of synchronous games in the Connes Embedding and Tsirelson Problems, quantum non-local games, the role of the commuting model in quantum information theory, and others.

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