Foundations of tropical schemes

April 10 to April 14, 2017

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Noah Giansiracusa, David Jensen, Diane Maclagan, and Steffen Marcus

Original Announcement

This workshop will focus on the continuing development of scheme-theoretic techniques in tropical geometry and their applications to broad questions in tropical geometry and algebraic geometry. Tropical scheme theory seeks to generalize the standard constructions in scheme theory to semirings, with the aim of providing algebraic and geometric foundations for tropical geometry. The goals of this workshop are to develop a common language and shared understanding of this developing theory and to explore applications. The main aims are:
  1. Develop computational techniques for working with tropical schemes.
  2. Develop standard algebraic techniques for tropical schemes such as primary decomposition, smoothness, free resolutions, and also geometric constructions such as a tropical Hilbert scheme.
  3. Apply the ideas developed to problems in algebraic geometry.
  4. Material from the workshop

    A list of participants.

    The workshop schedule.

    A report on the workshop activities.

    A list of open problems.

    Papers arising from the workshop:

    Tropical geometry of genus two curves
    by  Maria Angelica Cueto, and Hannah Marwig