High-order methods for computational wave propagation and scattering

September 10 to September 14, 2007

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Oscar P. Bruno and Rainer Kress

Original Announcement

This workshop will address numerical methods for wave propagation with a focus on high-order convergence for general scattering configurations (with applicability to complex and singular geometries and high frequency problems); they include a significant focus on integral equation methods, with reference to finite-difference and finite-element algorithms, spectral and Fourier based approaches, hybrids of asymptotic and numerical methods, as well as the closely related field of inverse scattering problems. In particular, this workshop will have an emphasis on spectral methods concerning the following topics:
  1. High frequency approximations;
  2. Geometric singularities; and,
  3. Generalized impedance boundary conditions.
Significant progress in the field of computational wave scattering in recent years has resulted from use of sophisticated mathematical techniques and insights, arising from the fields of approximation theory, pseudo-differential operator theory, asymptotics and special functions, in conjunction with the classical methods of numerical analysis. It now appears the time is ripe for these emerging methods to evolve into fast and accurate algorithms, capable of evaluating accurately and efficiently wave scattering for low, intermediate and high frequencies, and applicable to scatterers which may contain geometrically complicated scattering surfaces and volumes, including geometric singularities such as edges, corners and cusps and impedance boundary conditions.

A number of recent individual efforts have furthered our capabilities in computational wave scattering. It is hoped this workshop will accelerate progress by allowing for exchanges of ideas beyond those that would occur through direct study of the published literature or occasional encounters in large yearly conferences.

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Papers arising from the workshop:

A high-order integral algorithm for highly singular PDE solutions in Lipschitz domains
by  Oscar P. Bruno, Jeffrey S. Ovall, and Catalin Turc
Electromagnetic integral equations requiring small numbers of Krylov-subspace iterations
by  Oscar Bruno, Tim Elling, Randy Paffenroth, and Catalin Turc