Participants staying for an extended time

The following people will probably visit at some point in the program:
Casim Abbas, Tobias Ekholm, Michael Entov, Maia Fraser, Helmut Hofer, Dusa McDuff, Lenny Ng, Serge Tabachnikov, Ilya Ustilovsky, Krzysztof Wysocki, Nancy Wrinkle.

Participants from the Bay Area

The following people from Stanford University shall participate for the entire four months:

We also expect significant participation from people at near by univeristies. Specifically to one degree or another we expect some interactions with:

Local Accommodations

AIM has compiled a list of short term accommodations visitors might find useful. Anyone planning a longer stay might find the Stanford housing page helpful. (Note you need to have a password to access this page. If you are participating in the program and would like a password please contact John Etnyre at

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