AIM Workshop Proposal Guide

The American Institute of Mathematics holds focused workshops in all areas of the mathematical sciences. Workshops generally last 4 or 5 days and can support up to 28 participants.

Proposals for AIM workshops should include:

The AIM staff is happy to assist in the preparation of workshop proposals. For further details, contact or any of the AIM staff.

Workshops are selected by the AIM Scientific Board.

Workshop Selection

Most workshops are selected from proposals received by the annual November 1 deadline. However, some places are reserved to allow workshops on topics of emerging interest to be organized in a timely manner. Please contact the AIM staff for details.

The online proposal form will be available approximately 2 months prior to the next proposal deadline, which is November 1, 2014. Please contact if you have any questions.

Please read about the AIM style of workshops prior to submitting this proposal. Submission of this proposal indicates your intention to run the workshop in the AIM style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my proposal be?
The length of the proposal does not need to be more than two or three pages. This should be sufficient to describe the specific mathematical goal which will form the focus of the workshop. Emphasis should be placed on the timeliness of the topic and the anticipated outcomes resulting from this workshop. Special attention should be given to describing how the proposed focused workshop is the appropriate venue for achieving the desired outcomes.

My topic is of wide interest. How should I convey this in my proposal?
Broad topics, which are suitable for a large conference, are not appropriate for the focused nature of AIM workshops. The AIM staff is happy to work with you to define a more specific focus for your proposal.

How many potential participants should I list on the proposal?
If you are planning a typical workshop with 28 participants, then you should list 15-20 potential participants. If you can easily list 30 potential participants, then this is an indication that your mathematical goals may be too broad. The AIM staff is happy to work with potential organizers to narrow the focus of the proposed workshop.

AIM has a goal of increasing the research opportunities for women, under-represented minorities, junior researchers, and faculty from primarily undergraduate institutions, and it is expected that the initial participant list reflect these priorities.

Can I propose a workshop for fewer than 28 participants?
While the maximum number of participants is set at twenty-eight, fewer participants is also possible. The upper limit of 28 is set both by the focused nature of AIM workshops and the facilities at AIM.

Do I need to obtain external funding to support the workshop participants?
No external funding is necessary. AIM provides full funding of all invited workshop participants. This includes travel, accommodation, and a per diem for meals.

Who selects the workshop participants?
The organizers of the workshop propose an initial participant list containing three quarters of the participants. The remaining quarter is selected from open applications.

AIM has a goal of increasing the research opportunities for women, minorities, junior researchers, and faculty from primarily undergraduate institutions, and it is expected that the initial participant list reflect these priorities.

Can participants be invited from outside the United States?
AIM can support a limited number of international participants for each workshop.

Should I contact potential participants before I submit my proposal?
This is not necessary. The purpose of the list is to assist the AIM Scientific Board in evaluating the scope of the workshop. If the proposal is accepted, it is possible to modify the invitation list.

Is the initial list of proposed participants binding?
The list is not binding, because the scope of the workshop may change in response to the recommendations of the AIM Scientific Board. Prior to scheduling the workshop, organizers will work closely with the AIM staff to more clearly define the workshop's focus. In doing so, the list of potential participants may change.

When will I be able to hold my workshop?
Typically, the current round of proposals will be scheduled for the year beginning next Summer. AIM is flexible, and will work with you to set exact dates. These will be subject to the priorities set by the AIM Scientific Board.

How much administrative work is required of the organizers?
The responsibilities of the organizers are the scientific aspects of the workshop. These include refining the focus of the meeting, discussing the selection of the participants, and scheduling the workshop activities. The AIM staff handles the invitation, registration, travel and accommodation details of the participants, as well as the advertising of the workshop and the solicitation of applicants.

Will all participants give talks?
While all participants will be fully funded, most participants will not give a formal presentation. A typical workshop day consists of two talks in addition to other activities such as discussion sessions or smaller working groups.

Are these workshops similar to Oberwolfach?
There are some similarities between Oberwolfach and AIM workshops, such as the number of participants and the duration. However, AIM workshops are generally more focused in nature, have fewer talks, and place a greater emphasis on discussion sessions and collaborative work.

Will my workshop be held at the new facility?
The Morgan Hill facility will not be completed in time for the workshops selected in this round of proposals. In the meantime, workshops will be held at the American Institute of Mathematics, in Palo Alto, California.

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