Gilbert Strang

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  • This is a scanned version of the first edition (1991) and so the image quality is only fair.
  • Published by Wellsley Cambridge Press and made available in digital format through the MIT Open Course Ware project.
  • The second edition (2010) costs about $80 from the publisher.
  • Full text is about 650 pages and 40 MB.
  • Print version not available, but those using the book are allowed to print it and to recover actual costs for up to 1000 copies.
  • Student study guide and instructor manual are available.
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The book covers all the material of single and multivariable calculus that is normally in a three semester course for science, mathematics, and engineering students.

The style is less formal and more personal than the typical text, and it has a definite point of view that helps keep the book to a reasonable length. Still, there are some non-traditional topics such as a bit of linear algebra in two and three dimensions in the chapter on vectors and a section on complex numbers in the chapter on polar coordinates.