The Kadison-Singer Problem

This web page contains material for the workshop The Kadison-Singer Problem.

Notes on the first talk at the workshop, describing work-in-progress.

Vern Paulsen has provided a longer contribution: Three approaches to Kadison-Singer.

Gary Weiss and Vrej Zarikian have contributed notes on Paving small matrices and the Kadison-Singer extension problem.

Scanned slides from Nikolskii's talk: slde1, slde2, slde3, slde4, slde5, slde6, slde7, slde8, slde10, slde11, slde12, slde13, slde14.

Some useful references:

Equivalents of the Kadison-Singer Problem, by Casazza and Edidin.

The Kadison-singer problem in mathematics and engineering, by Casazza and Tremain

The Kadison-Singer Problem in mathematics and engineering: A detailed account, by Casazza, Fickus, Tremain, and Weber.


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