Converting structured LaTeX to other formats

David W. Farmer

American Institute of Mathematics

AIM collected works

Late 1990s-now: binders with an online catalog

Now: online collected works

Math papers online

Convert math papers to an online format

Papers traditionally available in PDF

Now: convert to html with knowls

Another example

One Moore example

SL2X: Structured LaTeX to XML

View LaTeX as just a markup language, and exploit the simple structure of math papers.

Separate the header, preamble, and bibliography

Pull out the macros, and expand some of them

Separate the sections, subsections, and subsubsections

In each (sub/subsub)section extract the environments




lists and tables



Find all the \label{...}s

Number everything

Reassemble the pieces

convert remaining markup: \emph{...}     to     < em >...< /em>,   etc.

wrap each environment in appropriate tags

make a separate file for each \label{...}ed object

convert \ref{...} and \cite{...} to appropriate links/knowls

Next steps

Convert to XML

Merge with an existing LaTeX to (HT/X)ML conversion program?

Handle a wider variety of LaTeX. How much?

Images, tables, macros,...

image and table in MathJax.

table in html