Materials for Early Career Researchers and Their Supervisors

These materials are collected by Leslie Hogben of Iowa State University and the American Institute of Mathematics.  They originated from a mathematical perspective but should be usable with minor adjustment throughout STEM and with more editing in social sciences; they may be less useful/require a lot of editing for arts and humanities.

In some cases they were developed by others (whom I have credited) but in all cases I have edited them and am responsible for any errors.  Suggestions for improvement are welcome.  Please email with "Early Career Materials" as the subject.  Additional materials are being added.

Most recent update: 8/11/19.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template

This is derived from LaTeX created by Seth Selken. 
Comment out any heading where you have nothing to record and add additional headings as needed. 
This template is for a research-oriented CV in STEM academia for a junior researcher (graduate student or postdoc).  Use by more senior researchers will likely entail more editing of the categories.  To create a teaching-oriented CV reorder the categories and add more teach-focused headings (e.g., curriculum development). 

Graduate Student Progress Report Template

This MS Word document is adapted from an ISU Mathematics online form for graduate students.  Red text should be edited before the form is used.  

Mentoring Plan Templates

These MS Word documents are adapted from ones I created for use with my own graduate students and postdocs.  They can be used by an advisor (or a student/postdoc can ask their advisor/sponsor to use something like this).  Red text is mostly suggestions for discussion that will be replaced by actual content. 

Career Advice from Notices of the AMS