Implementing algebraic geometry algorithms

This web page contains material for the workshop Implementing algebraic geometry algorithms.

Contributions from the workshop participants are available in dvi, postscript or pdf.

Useful references

"Lectures on Algebraic Statistics" by Drton, Sturmfels, Sullivant (Birkhauser 2009, Oberwolfach Seminar Series)

Equivariant Buchberger Algorithm:
Equivariant Grobner bases and the Gaussian two-factor model by Brouwer and Draisma

Background on Markov bases:
Markov Bases of Binary Graph Models by Develin and Sullivant,
A Finiteness Theorem for Markov Bases of Hierarchical Models by Hosten and Sullivant,
Minimal and minimal invariant Markov bases of decomposable models for contingency tables by Hara, Aoki, and Takemura,
Indispensable monomials of toric ideals and Markov bases by Aoki, Takemura and Yoshida

Markov subbases (more precisely, the set of connecting moves for contingency table with assumption of positive margins):
Markov bases and subbases for bounded contingency tables by Rapallo and Yoshida,
Markov Chains, Quotient Ideals, and Connectivity with Positive Margins edited by Chen, Dinwoodie, and Yoshida

Identifiability problems:
The Identifiability of Covarion Models in Phylogenetics, by Allman and Rhodes
Estimating Trees from Filtered Data: Identifiability of Models for Morphological Phylogenetics by Allman, Holder, and Rhodes
Identifiability of 2-tree mixtures for group-based models by Allman, Petrovic, Rhodes, and Sullivant


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