Big ideas in dynamics

An online research community sponsored by the


American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Benjamin Call and Noelle Sawyer

This research community, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, focuses on collaborative learning among graduate students in dynamical systems, specifically smooth dynamics, ergodic theory, and homogeneous dynamics. There are three main goals to this program:

  • Building connections across institutions.
  • Expanding access to the dynamics field, particularly to those who cannot normally attend in-person dynamics conferences.
  • Deliberately strengthening reading, research, and collaboration skills.
This program will take place across one semester, and will consist of three phases.

  • We will begin with a virtual "learning conference" on September 29, where senior mathematicians will give short talks about a paper or idea necessary to understand some of their work. There will be talks by Alena Erchenko, Giulio Tiozzo, and Caglar Uyanik, concerning foundational topics and ideas in dynamical systems and its intersections with other areas including ergodic theory and geometry.
  • Throughout the semester after the conference, graduate students will meet virtually in small groups to read through one of the presented papers, guided by a postdoc or senior graduate student who is familiar with the paper. Abstracts and paper titles can be found in the online application, linked below.
  • At the end of the semester, we will host a second virtual conference, tentatively on December 8th. Groups will give short talks on the papers that they have read, and we will have additional research "lightning talks". We will also have problem sessions to foster collaboration.

Recordings of talks, paper titles, and other information can be found at the Big Ideas in Dynamics website

Upcoming activities

Closing conference on Friday, December 8, time TBD.