If your question is not on this list, or the answer is not clear, contact Harpreet Kaur at kaur@aimath.org

Questions about Flights

Which airport should I fly to?

AIM has moved to Pasadena and began operating there in July 2023.

    The closest airports to Pasadena are Burbank Airport (BUR) and Los Angeles International (LAX). BUR is much closer and ground transportation is much easier, but there are fewer flights and destinations available compared to LAX. Other airports in the area are Long Beach (LGB), Ontario (ONT), and John Wayne (SNA). If you find a cheaper airfare to one of those airports, be sure to estimate the higher ground transportation costs before finalizing your booking.

I have to travel somewhere else before or after the AIM workshop. What is AIM’s policy for multi-city fares?

    Before purchasing a multi-city ticket, contact Harpreet Kaur at kaur@aimath.org. If your AIM visit is a major part of your time away from home, then AIM will reimburse the equivalent of a roundtrip economy ticket from your home airport to AIM. Note that this requires documentation of the cost of a roundtrip flight. If your trip to AIM is not a major part of your overall trip, such as when the trip to AIM is part of a months-long trip to the US, AIM will pay for the portion of the travel costs comparable to the proportion of the time spent at AIM.

When I was invited to the workshop I was based at a North American university but now I live/am visiting/employed in Germany. Will AIM pay for my overseas travel?

    AIM will reimburse the equivalent of a roundtrip economy ticket from your home airport in North America to AIM.

I am flying from overseas and would like to arrive a day early so that I will not be jet lagged, or I would like to spend an extra day in the Los Angeles area. Will AIM pay the hotel for the extra night?

    No. AIM will pay for a maximum of six nights at the hotel in Pasadena with an arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday. You need to make your own arrangements with the hotel to extend your stay.

I have found a ticket on a flight that is not on a U.S. carrier and does not meet one of the exemptions of the Open Skies Agreement, but it is cheaper than the tickets that do qualify. Should I buy this ticket?

    No! Because of the Fly America Act, AIM can only reimburse you for flights booked on an American carrier or flights that qualify for an exemption under an Open Skies Agreement. Refer to our Travel Restrictions for more detail.

Can AIM book my airfare?

    AIM is not able to purchase tickets in advance for workshop participants.

    Should a participant have funding issues, we recommend that they seek the assistance of their university or institution. Reimbursement will be made to the University/Institution upon the attendance and completion of the workshop by the participant.

I can only attend the workshop for three days. Will my expenses still be reimbursed?

     For participants who do not attend four full days of a workshop (or SQuaRE) AIM reimburses only half the total air fare.

Questions about Ground Transportation/Mileage Reimbursement

What is AIM’s policy for mileage reimbursement?

    Mileage reimbursement is provided to local funded participants as well as funded participants who are located within a reasonable driving distance of AIM. However, if cheaper air travel is available, then AIM will reimburse the equivalent of a round trip air ticket, plus average shuttle expenses. For example, if traveling from the Bay Area to Pasadena, AIM will reimburse the equivalent of a round trip air ticket plus average shuttle expenses, because that option is cheaper than the cost of mileage.

What is AIM’s policy for ground transportation?

    Mileage: 65.5 cents per mile, subject to certain limits.

    Airport parking: at most seven days per workshop.


Do I have to keep receipts for meals?

    No. A per diem is provided for all funded participants.

Can AIM help me with child care?

     Yes. AIM is able to help defray the cost of child care for invited participants. Please refer to our Child Care Information for details.