The AIM facility is on the 8th floor of Caltech Hall on the campus of Caltech. The building has a ramp on the northwest corner and elevator access to the floor. It is about 20 minute walk (0.8 miles on flat terrain, city sidewalks) between Caltech Hall and the Pasadena Hotel & Pool, where funded AIM visitors stay. If you are an AIM visitor and unable to walk between the facility and campus, you can take a taxi, Lyft, Uber, or Pasadena’s Metro Micro service. AIM will reimburse this expense for funded participants who require the accommodation.

AIM has four single-occupancy restrooms, two of them designated as all-gender restrooms. Two of the restrooms are wheelchair accessible, with wide doors and handrails. Those same two restrooms have changing tables. AIM can provide a private lactation room and refrigeration for those who need it.

AIM’s space is newly renovated and does not use recirculated air. The air in the building is being flushed out and 100% outdoor air is cooled (or heated depending on the season) and pumped through the ducts. The system moves 1,210 cubic feet per minute of air (which results in 9.7 air changes per hour of return air, well above the CDC recommendation). The AIM space is cleaned and surfaces are sanitized each morning.

AIM supports virtual participants in SQuaREs with projectors and Meeting Owls in each breakout room. The SQuaRE organizer will coordinate the participation of those joining virtually, and ideally one member of the group will provide the virtual meeting room (e.g. a Zoom room). AIM staff will assist with the technology as needed. Virtual participation in workshops is at the discretion of workshop organizers.

If you have questions or require other accommodations during your visit to AIM, please contact Harpreet Kaur at