AIM Research Communities are larger collaborative efforts involving at least 40 people, organized around a particular area of mathematics research. The purpose of an AIM Research Community is to support the ongoing research activities of its participants. It is expected that Research Communities have a long lifetime and grow over time.

AIM Research Communities are tailored to the particular needs of the group. Some Communities have more emphasis on seminars and colloquia, while others focus more on small working groups. Some prefer to limit their scope, while others are open to incorporating new members and branching out in new directions. AIM Research Communities offer a platform for exploring new modes of collaboration.

Proposals for new Research Communities will be accepted until November 1, 2020, for communities that will begin in 2021. Proposals should describe the mathematical areas, expected initial number of participants, anticipated modes of collaboration, and philosophy on the long-term purpose and goals of the Community. Please read about AIM virtual workshops before preparing a proposal.

Apply using the online form.