The American Institute of Mathematics has three programs designed to facilitate research collaboration in all areas of the mathematical sciences.

The application deadline for all programs is November 1 each year.

AIM workshops are weeklong activities for 25-30 researchers, who work together on open questions with the hope of beginning work which will continue long after the workshop is over. See the workshops page for more information.

AIM SQuaREs are activities for 4-6 researchers who work together on an ambitious research project, visiting AIM for up to three weeks over a 3-year period. See the SQuaREs page for more information.

AIM research communities are online activities for groups of at least 40 researchers, who meet regularly to enhance the ongoing research of the participants. Research Communities vary widely in their activities, which can include reading seminars, colloquia, small research groups, and more. See the research communities page for more information.