Soergel bimodules and Khovanov-Rozansky homology Matt Hogancamp 1 October 2018
Matrix Factorizations Alexei Oblomkov 1 October 2018
Topological Representation Theory Peter Samuelson 2 October 2018
\(A_{q,t}\) algebra Anton Mellit 2 October 2018
Gaitsgory's central sheaves and the GNR conjecture Ben Elias 3 October 2018
Towards the categorification of the homomorphism \(\widetilde{H}_n^{\mathrm{aff}}\rightarrow H_n\) Kostya Tolmachov 3 October 2018
The Oblomkov-Rozansky link invariant and the GNR conjecture Tina Kanstrup 4 October 2018
Quantum character theory David Jordan 4 October 2018
Categorification of skein algebras Paul Wedrich 5 October 2018
A 2-categorical construction of Homfly-PT homology Lev Rozansky 5 October 2018
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