Equilibrium states and non-uniform specification Vaughn Climenhaga 15 July 2019
Symbolic dynamics and spectral decomposition Jerome Buzzi 15 July 2019
Equilibrium states for geodesic flow in non-positive curvature Dan Thompson 16 July 2019
Teichmüller geodesic flow and Rauzy induction Jayadev Athreya 16 July 2019
Equilibrium states via geometric measure theory Agnieszka Zelerowicz 17 July 2019
Anisotropic Banach spaces for dispersing billiards Mark Demers 17 July 2019
Geodesic flow for CAT(0) and CAT(-1) spaces Dave Constantine 18 July 2019
Symbolic dynamics for non-uniform and hyperbolic systems Yuri Lima 18 July 2019
Flexibility of entropies in a fixed conformal class Alena Erchenko 19 July 2019
Rigidity of abelian actions and interactions with Gibbs states Kurt Vinhage 19 July 2019
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