Modeling in ophthalmology from theory to applications Giovanna Guidoboni 15 October 2018
Mathematical modeling of retinal hemodynamics Simone Cassini 15 October 2018
Relationship between vascular diseases and the eye - Carlo Bruttini 15 October 2018/span>
Cardiovascular benefits of SGLT2 inhibitors Anita Layton 16 October 2018
Retinal image processing and clinical understanding Giovanni Ometto 16 October 2018
Simulating the pulse wave propagation in vascular networks - 17 October 2018 slides M Umar Qureshi 17 October 2018
Statistical learning for tree-structured data Yuan Wang 17 October 2018
Nonlinear filtering methods for state and parametes estimation Andrea Arnold 18 October 2018
Mathematical modeling and simulation of ocular blood flow and their interactions Lorenzo Sala 18 October 2018
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