Introduction to structural and practical identifiability Marisa Eisenberg 19 August 2019
Structural identifiability: Theoretical questions and open problems Nikki Meshkat 19 August 2019
Identifiability in systems biology; some issues and open problems Julio Banga 20 August 2019
Structural local identifiability and observability: rank conditions and the role of inputs Alejandro Villaverde 20 August 2019
Efficient local structural identifiability analysis of large dynamic systems Mats Jirstrand 21 August 2019
Part I, part II, part III Ariel Cintron-Arias 21 August 2019
Chemical reaction networks and identifiability Anne Shiu 22 August 2019
SIAN: Structural identifiability ANalyzer Gleb Pogudin 22 August 2019
Vector-Borne Diseases with focus on vector demography: Case of the disease Malaria Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem 22 August 2019
Identifiability of population models in cancer biology Harsh Jain 22 August 2019
Sloppiness, information geometry, identifiability Mark Transtrum 23 August 2019
Connecting risk factor prevalence to cancer incidence through stochastic carcinogenesis models Andrew Brouwer 23 August 2019
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