Currently AIM occupies approximately 10,000 square feet (1000 square meters) in San Jose in a space designed for effective workshops and collaborative research. There is a main lecture area with large white boards that seats up to 35 people. There are four seminar rooms and two small areas that are used for the small group activities that are characteristic of AIM style workshops.

Within the large open space and in the seminar rooms is the library consisting of about 14,000 volumes and 100,000 reprints. The holdings can be searched via the online catalog, and participants are welcome to use any of the library material at AIM but not to take anything off-site.

During workshops there is a variety of food available including coffee, tea, fruit juices, muffins, bagels, fruit, nuts, chips, vegetable snacks, and cookies. Every evening at about five pm wine, beer, and soft drinks are provided.

AIM has a wireless network, printers, and two computers for visitors (an iMac and an HP with Windows 7). AIM has subscriptions to some online resources, including MathSciNet and JSTOR.