Each AIM workshop has places reserved for applicants. Successful applicants receive funding for travel and accommodations for participation in the workshop. The workshops marked with an * below are still accepting applications. The AIM style workshop features a limited number of talks and significant time devoted to organized group activities.

 Symplectic four-manifolds through branched coverings. May 14-18, 2018  

 Web accessibility of mathematics. May 21-25, 2018  

 Research experiences for undergraduate faculty. June 11-15, 2018  

 Nonlocal differential equations in collective behavior. June 18-22, 2018  

 Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics and symplectic geometry. July 16-20, 2018  

 Stein's method and applications in high-dimensional statistics. August 6-10, 2018  

 Nonlinear PDEs in real and complex geometry. August 13-17, 2018  

 Additive combinatorics and its applications. August 20-24, 2018  

 Boltzmann machines. September 17-21, 2018  

 Discrete geometry and automorphic forms. September 24-28, 2018  

 Categorified Hecke algebras, link homology, and Hilbert schemes. October 1-5, 2018  

 Modeling the eye as a window on the body. October 15-19, 2018  

*Sarnak's conjecture. December 10-14, 2018  

*Problems on holomorphic function spaces and complex dynamics. April 8-12, 2019  

*Definability and decidability problems in number theory. May 6-10, 2019  

*Symmetry and convexity in geometric inequalities. May 20-24, 2019  

*Smooth concordance classes of topologically slice knots. June 3-7, 2019  

*Shape optimization with surface interactions. June 17-21, 2019  

*Equilibrium states for dynamical systems arising from geometry. July 15-19, 2019  

*Rationality problems in algebraic geometry. July 29-August 2, 2019  

*Zeros of random polynomials. August 12-16, 2019  

*Identifiability problems in systems biology. August 19-23, 2019