Each AIM workshop has places reserved for applicants. Successful applicants receive funding for travel and accommodations for participation in the workshop. The workshops marked with an * below are still accepting applications. The AIM style workshop features a limited number of talks and significant time devoted to organized group activities.

 Mathematics of topological insulators. March 16-20, 2020  

 Arithmetic reflection groups and crystallographic packings. March 16-20, 2020  

 Special holonomy and branes. March 30-April 3, 2020  

 Resurgence in string and gauge theory. May 4-8, 2020  

 Equivariant techniques in stable homotopy theory. May 11-15, 2020  

 Random walks beyond hyperbolic groups. June 1-5, 2020  

 Delta symbols and the subconvexity problem. June 15-19, 2020  

 Moduli spaces for algebraic dynamical systems. July 13-17, 2020  

 Algorithmic randomness. August 10-14, 2020  

*The Albertson conjecture and related problems. August 31-September 4, 2020  

*Ehrhart polynomials: inequalities and extremal constructions. September 14-18, 2020  

*Postbaccalaureate and bridge programs in mathematics. October 5-6, 2020  

*Arithmetic intersection theory on Shimura varieties. January 11-15, 2021