Each AIM workshop has places reserved for applicants. Successful applicants for in-person workshops receive funding for travel and accommodations for participation in the workshop. The workshops marked with an * below are still accepting applications. The AIM style workshop features a limited number of talks and significant time devoted to organized group activities.

In-person workshops

 Discrete and combinatorial homotopy theory. March 13-17, 2023  

 Gems of combinatorics. March 27-31, 2023  

 Multi-scale modeling of malaria. April 10-14, 2023  

 From ℵ2 to infinity. May 15-19, 2023  

 Computer assisted proofs for stability analysis of nonlinear waves. June 5-9, 2023  

 Applied homological algebra beyond persistence diagrams. June 19-23, 2023  

 Theory and applications of total positivity. July 24-28, 2023  

 Algebra, geometry, and combinatorics of link homology. July 31-August 4, 2023  

*Research experiences for undergraduate faculty. August 7-11, 2023  

*Quantum invariants and low-dimensional topology. August 14-18, 2023  

*Geometry and topology of Artin groups. September 11-15, 2023  

*Macaulay2: expanded functionality and improved efficiency. September 25-29, 2023  

*Rigidity properties of free-by-cyclic groups. October 2-6, 2023  

*Delta symbols and the subconvexity problem. October 16-20, 2023  

*K3: A new problem list in low-dimensional topology. October 30-November 3, 2023  

*Small scale dynamics in incompressible fluid flows. November 6-10, 2023  

*Open-source cyberinfrastructure supporting mathematics research. December 4-8, 2023  

*Arithmetic intersection theory on Shimura varieties. January 8-12, 2024  

*Degree d points on algebraic surfaces. March 18-22, 2024