Each AIM workshop has places reserved for applicants. Successful applicants receive funding for travel and accommodations for participation in the workshop. The workshops marked with an * below are still accepting applications. The AIM style workshop features a limited number of talks and significant time devoted to organized group activities.

Note that AIM has suspended all activities through the end of May. The workshop list below may not reflect recent changes to workshop dates.

 Delta symbols and the subconvexity problem. June 15-19, 2020  

 Moduli spaces for algebraic dynamical systems. July 13-17, 2020  

 Algorithmic randomness. August 10-14, 2020  

 The Albertson conjecture and related problems. August 31-September 4, 2020  

 Ehrhart polynomials: inequalities and extremal constructions. September 14-18, 2020  

 Special holonomy and branes. October 26-30, 2020  

 Arithmetic reflection groups and crystallographic packings. December 14-18, 2020  

 Equivariant techniques in stable homotopy theory. April 26-30, 2021  

 Random walks beyond hyperbolic groups. May 3-7, 2021  

*Automated production of Braille textbooks. August 3-7, 2020  

*Postbaccalaureate and bridge programs in mathematics. October 5-6, 2020  

*Mathematical modeling and simulation of tumor angiogenesis. November 16-21, 2020  

*Stability in mirror symmetry. December 7-11, 2020  

*Arithmetic intersection theory on Shimura varieties. January 11-15, 2021  

*Fusion categories and tensor networks. March 8-12, 2021  

*Criticality and stochasticity in quasilinear fluid systems. April 5-9, 2021  

*Computational mathematics in computer assisted proofs. May 24-28, 2021