Each AIM workshop has places reserved for applicants. Successful applicants for in-person workshops receive funding for travel and accommodations for participation in the workshop. The workshops marked with an * below are still accepting applications. The AIM style workshop features a limited number of talks and significant time devoted to organized group activities.

Virtual workshops

 Non-local games in quantum information theory. May 17-21, 2021  

 Noncommutative inequalities. June 14-18, 2021  

*Limits and control of stochastic reaction networks. July 26-30, 2021  

*Spectral graph and hypergraph theory: connections and applications. December 6-10, 2021  

In-person workshops

Note that it is unlikely any AIM workshops will meet in person before August, 2021.

 Moduli spaces for algebraic dynamical systems. September 27-October 1, 2021  

*Ehrhart polynomials: inequalities and extremal constructions. May 9-13, 2022