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New directions in G2 geometry

March 31 to April 4, 2025

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, Pasadena, California

organized by

Jason Lotay and Tommaso Pacini

This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to investigating new research directions within $G_2$ geometry. Certain topics have by now been intensely studied: the construction of new holonomy $G_2$ manifolds, submanifold geometry, gauge theory, geometric invariants and geometric flows. Across the years, however, many other promising directions have been suggested but await deeper investigation.

The main topics for this workshop are:

  1. New developments in $G_2$ mirror symmetry.
  2. Topological methods and formality in $G_2$ geometry.
  3. Loop spaces and non-associative gauge theory.
  4. $G_2$ function theory and $G_2$ mappings.

This event will be run as an AIM-style workshop. Participants will be invited to suggest open problems and questions before the workshop begins, and these will be posted on the workshop website. These include specific problems on which there is hope of making some progress during the workshop, as well as more ambitious problems which may influence the future activity of the field. Lectures at the workshop will be focused on familiarizing the participants with the background material leading up to specific problems, and the schedule will include discussion and parallel working sessions.

Space and funding is available for a few more participants. If you would like to participate, please apply by filling out the on-line form no later than November 20, 2024. Applications are open to all, and we especially encourage women, underrepresented minorities, junior mathematicians, and researchers from primarily undergraduate institutions to apply.

Before submitting an application, please read the description of the AIM style of workshop.

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