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Riemann Hypothesis conference poster

One of the earliest AIM events was the 1996 conference in Seattle entitled “In Celebration of the centenary of the proof of the Prime Number Theorem, A symposium on the Riemann Hypothesis.” The first lecture of the symposium was also the last talk at MathFest and was given by Atle Selberg on the history of the prime number theorem. He received a standing ovation from the audience of more than 500 people.

Two more conferences on the Riemann Hypothesis followed in 1998 at the Schrödinger Institute in Vienna and in 2002 at the Courant Institute of New York University.

In June 2018, the fourth conference in this series, “Perspectives on the Riemann Hypothesis” took place in Bristol with 180 participants. It was organized by Brian Conrey, Jon Keating, Peter Sarnak, and Andrew Wiles.

Our hope is to have RH V in 2020 and RH VI in 2024—provided, of course, that the Riemann Hypothesis has not been solved by then!


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