Homology generations and relations via graph embeddings Safia Chettih 3 February 2020
Stability in graph configuration spaces Eric Rames 3 February 2020
Ben Knudsen 4 February 2020
Generators and growth of homology groups of graph braid groups Byung Hee An 4 February 2020
A physicist's perspective on configuration spaces Tomasz Maciazek 5 February 2020
Topological complexity of motion planning and configuration spaces of graphsI Michael Farber 5 February 2020
Neotherianity and growth Nicholas Proudfoot 6 February 2020
Disscrete Marse theory and graph braid groups Dan Farley 6 February 2020
FI-sets: classification and random walks Graham White 7 February 2020
A model for configuration spaces of simplicial complexes John Wiltshire-Gordon 7 February 2020
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