Theory of motives, homotopy theory of varieties, and dessins d'enfants

April 23 to April 26, 2004

at the

American Institute of Mathematics, San Jose, California

organized by

Gunnar Carlsson and Rick Jardine

Original Announcement

This workshop will bring together topologists working in the developing area of "homotopy theory of varieties" with number theorists and algebraic geometers working in subjects related to Dessins d'enfants, and to expose them to the techniques and ideas of the various subjects involved both in the number theoretic and topological areas.

The major component of the meeting will be expository lectures on the different areas, at a level which could be appreciated by mathematicians outside the specialized area. There will also be extensive time allotted for discussions. A particular goal for these discussions will be to develop problems and to suggest research directions in these areas, especially directions which investigate possible interplay between the topological and arithmetic points of view.

Material from the workshop

A list of participants.

The workshop schedule.

A report on the workshop activities.

Relevant References:

  1. A preprint by Jack Morava on The Motivic Thom Isomorphism
  2. A preprint by Rick Jardine on Fibred sites and stack cohomology.

Workshop talks

  1. Motivic spaces and the motivic stable category, by Rick Jardine
  2. Stacks and homotopy theory, by Rick Jardine
  3. Pure motives, by Bruno Kahn
  4. Motivic Galois groups, by Bruno Kahn
  5. The Grothendieck Teichmuller group, by Leila Schneps
  6. Curve complexes, Tensor categories, fundamental groupoids, by Leila Schneps
  7. Five Lie algebras, by Leila Schneps
  8. Homotopy types of algebraic varieties, by Bertrand Toen, and handwritten notes
  9. Mixed motives and Mixed Tate motives by Marc Levine (handwritten notes)